Twelve years ago, I started suffering with late onset acne, being 36 at the time and never suffering more than a few breakouts and a few spots in my teens, it came as quite a shock!  I spent the first two years being put a variation of antibiotics and topical lotions and creams to little effect.  I was then referred to a dermatologist, where after being diagnosed with chronic acne, (something my GP's had disputed due to lack of knowledge), it was decided that I should be put on a course of roaccutane.  Which forgetting the side effects of extremely dry lips and skin that felt like paper (and that was so delicate you had to be very careful) oh and not forgetting how after several months my joints started aching, it was actually amazing and for 3 years, totally clear skin.
Since then, I have had to have the courses of antibiotics and creams for sudden major break outs. Usually, meaning I was on 3 to 6 months worth of tablets every 12 months, sometimes twice a year. Things would calm and then erupt again.
However, my skin keeps changing, (getting old!!) and now rather than masses of spots, I get more blackheads and spots predominately around my mouth, chin and neck area.  
Two years ago my dermatologists suggested Aknicare, as she had been to a seminar with Doctor Chu and he was getting good results with the product.  So as my acne wasn't extreme enough to warrant going back on roaccutane, I decided to give it ago.  And was so pleased that I did.  I had to be patient and 12 weeks was a real turning point for me.  Fewer spots, calmer skin and my paranoia reduced within weeks and with no nasty side effects, which even long term antibiotics do give you and as for roaccutane, well!  And although I will still get the odd spot or two, nothing like I have in the past and no antibiotics for two years.
Our 15 year old has only been using it for 4 weeks and the difference is quite amazing. His acne has been spread right across his face, with his forehead and jaw area being a mass of small, red, angry spots.  I really wish we had taken photos of the improvement, but, alas we haven't.  It will take time for the spot marks to go, but thank goodness he's not a picker, so this should happen relatively quickly. With his school prom looming in June, he wants to look his best for the photos and thanks to Aknicare, we're going to achieve this.
Shelley (48) West Sussex

Firstly I will start by saying that I have never bothered to write a review on any products in my life before this one.  Ironically it is other people's reviews I have often relied on when purchasing any products, from technical equipment to Beauty products! It was other people's reviews that first got me to try your products, like other reviews for other skin care brands I didn't hold out much hope that your products would work for me any better than any other skin care products I have tried before, and believe me I have tried every brand going over the last 15 years! I have gone from your major high end skin care brands like dermalogica, Clinique, Elemis, Liz Earl, The Body Shop to Avon, Clearasil, Freederm etc, you name it I have tried it!! I persevered with some of these products for months and saw no real improvement in my skin. I have suffered with acne from the age of 13 during that time I have saw many doctors, have been prescribed many courses of antibiotics, topical solutions and creams etc, none of which I can rave about! Now at the age of 32 I am still suffering!

After being on a 10 week course of antibiotics and being on the Yasmin pill my skin had been worse than ever and I have suffered from a major breakout of cystic acne, which because the spots have no head on are very painful and red. After being at the end of my tether I googled skin care products for cystic acne and came across Aknicare! I must admit at first I was put off by the price of the products as I had previously spent a fortune on other high end brands which were sitting on my dressing table collecting dust! After reading through Aknicares website I noticed a money back guarantee and felt like I had nothing to loose so I went ahead and ordered the 4 step products! I am so PLEASED I did!! I can honestly hand on heart say that this is the first product I have ever tried that has improved my skin! The products are not harsh on my skin and leave my skin feeling really clean! My spots have cleared up and despite getting the odd one every now and again, as long as I put on my topical solution when I first feel it appear it tends to go very quickly and is not as red and painful! It is not a miracle cure and has not completely set me free but it has certainly made a big difference to my skin, so much so I have written this review! I have now even thrown out all of the other products I have ever used and will only from now on use Aknicare! It was a risk worth taking! Thank you Aknicare for bringing out this product!

Kimberley Barrass

“I have been very happy with all the products I have ordered from you. I have struggled with acne on my face for large periods of my adult life.  When it really flared up again in my forties (and when I realised that what I was being prescribed by my G.P. was not helping) I started to look around for other treatments and was advised to try Aknicare.  Aknicare has succeeded in calming my skin and dealing with the redness that accompanied the spots, as well as the spots themselves (and in this was different from what I had been prescribed). My acne is still something I have to deal with, but using a combination of Aknicare products (Gentle Cleansing Gel, Cream and Roller in particular) I have been able to reach and maintain a situation with my acne that is immeasurably better than it has been. I have also incorporated Terproline Face cream into my regime to help with the acne scars, which it has done very effectively.  I would unreservedly recommend Aknicare (and Terproline) to fellow acne sufferers.”
Carmen Roberts, Wallington, Surrey

I am in my second month of using aknicare products and I have to say so far they have been fantastic. I am 30 years old and have suffered with mild/moderate spots for around 15 years, in that time i have tried roaccutane, antibiotics, laser and every cream and face wash going with mixed results. These products really work I saw great results at the end of week one. Anybody like me who has doubts after trying nearly everything I say try this you won't regret it. The products themselves are very good quality, nice to use and a reasonable price. Very happy customer.
David From Sheffield

“I would just like to share my thoughts on this product. I did a lot of research to find a product suitable for my skin. I went through a stage of a spot outbreak on my face which has never happened before until I reach my 30's. This is the best product I have ever brought it kept the spot situation under control and took the redness away. I would recommend this to anyone, well worth the money.” 

I have been using the Aknicare System for a number of years now and nothing is as effective at keeping my oily skin and large pores in check.  My skin is the best it has ever been.
Kind Regards, Louise

The Aknicare range of products is the most effective anti- acne system that I have come across....and believe me, I have tried many. I can particularly recommend the purifying gel cleanser for more mature skin and the lotion. Positive results can be seen quite quickly and the products are not too drying or irritating , a definite plus for the regime. Aknicare also do a gentler cleanser suitable for sensitive or adolescent skins. Although not cheap the products actually work, which is the main thing, and used sparingly last a long time.
Another happy customer

“I am 48 years old and have had acne since my mid twenties. In just a week of purchasing the Aknicare set I have noticed a significant difference and I wanted to say how delighted I am with the products. Despite the hot and humid weather, when my skin is at its worst - my face is spot free and my pores are beginning to resemble those of a normal person. My chest and shoulders are also showing an improvement. I have a number of friends with skin problems and will be passing on your details”. 
Moira Morgan, Wales.

"I purchased aknicare for my teenage son and it has made such a huge difference to his skin and his confidence. He was on antibiotic tablets and a cream for a couple of years which didnt work anywhere near aswell as aknicare has.".

"I purchased aknicare for my teenage son and it has made such a huge difference to his skin and his confidence. He was on antibiotic tablets and a cream for a couple of years which didnt work anywhere near aswell as aknicare has."
Another happy customer

The Aknicare range of products is the most effective anti- acne system that I have come across....and believe me, I have tried many. I can particularly recommend the purifying gel cleanser for more mature skin and the lotion. Positive results can be seen quite quickly and the products are not too drying or irritating , a definite plus for the regime. Aknicare also do a gentler cleanser suitable for sensitive or adolescent skins. Although not cheap the products actually work, which is the main thing, and used sparingly last a long time.
Another happy customer

It wasn't until my forties that I started to have trouble with my skin. The Doctor diagnosed my skin complaint as acne.  I was quite upset and annoyed as I thought only teenagers got acne!  A course of antibiotics and various skin creams helped for a short period but the acne returned.  It was a real answer to prayer when  I read an article from Skinmed and sent for the Skincare Cleanser, Skincare Lotion and Skincare Cream.  By following the suggested programme the acne cleared.  I have been using these products for over ten years now and I wouldn't use any thing else. It does what it says it will do.
Lorraine Stewart from Northern Ireland

I have used Skin Med Aknicare for a number of years now and I have found it is the only product that actually works. It is gentle on my skin but harsh on any spots! I tried antibiotics for years for very severe adult cystic acne and nothing worked. The spots would calm down, I would be told to come off the medicine and they would be back within a week as bad as ever. They really affected my confidence and adversely affected my social life as I did not want to go out. I now have good skin with the occasional spot and I have to say this is all down to regularly using Aknicare.
Jennifer (Beverley, East Yorkshire)

I had suffered from outbreaks and very sore, embarrassing adult acne for approx 5 years before I came across Skinmed Aknicare.  I'd used every lotion and potion imaginable to try and rid me or even control my skin but nothing worked, in fact most products aggravated and worsened my skin.  I felt there was no hope but within 2 weeks of using Acnicare cleanser, lotion and cream my skin improved!  Over the next few weeks my skin dramatically improved and I've never looked back.  That was over 5 years ago and in that time when my skin has been flawless I've tried other moisturisers and cleansers but without fail my skin reacts again so now I wouldn't ever use anything else. For fellow acne sufferers please try these products I can't recommend them enough and believe me I've tried everything!
Julie Sinclair, Now non acne sufferer!

I have been using skinmed now for almost a year and I love it! I used to have really bad acne which ruined my confidence, and having used skinmed aknicare my skin has cleared up and I feel amazing! I would recommended it to anyone.  

I have been a long time user of Aknicare's products following my reading an article many years ago. My condition is Acne Rosacea and I was diagnosed in approximately 2004.
My condition is kept under control with the use of Aknicare's products, namely the lotion which I use daily. In my opinion, it is a product I cannot do without. Their other items in the range are also highly beneficial to my condition and are nice and light to use.

Hayley Selby, condition Acne Rosacea

I have suffered with breakouts since my teenage years and have tried every brand out there to try to help with the issue including Proactive, Clinique, Dermaologica.and prescription only solutions including creams and pills. I had reached the end of my tether when a nasty breakout along my jaw line continued to get inflamed and I was worried about scarring. I had also stopped going out with friends as I was so embarrassed about my skin. Whilst researching my condition online I discovered the Aknicare range and thought I would give it a go. The results were not instant, but I stuck with it and found that after a few months things had started to improve. A few years on, I still use Aknicare and wouldn't be tempted by another brand.     

I have consistently used aknicare face cleanser for the past three years. It is a gentle, yet effective facial cleanser that keeps my skin clear, smooth, and soft. I only need to use a small amount once a day to keep my face looking and feeling beautiful. Aknicare will remain a part of my daily face care routine. 

I approached SkinMed because I was recommended to use the Aknicare range by a skin specialist and I wanted to use a reliable supplier. SkinMed helped me by providing quick and excellent customer service, especially when one of the items I ordered in a product set was out of stock and I was contacted the same day to see if I wanted the rest of the products sent anyway. One thing I liked about the SkinMed website is the fact that I found it to be incredibly user friendly with some great deals on product sets. I noticed a really big improvement in the condition of my skin and fewer outbreaks after just a few days of using Aknicare, therefore I would recommend SkinMed to anyone experiencing skin difficulties who would like to gain confidence with both their appearance and a product provider.  

I just wanted to write to say how pleased I have been with the Aknicare range. I am 28 and have suffered from acne since I was 11. After unsuccessful treatments, I was put on Roaccutane treatment a few times, which cleared my skin, but even so after a few years my acne reappeared and my GP wouldn't give me anymore Roaccutane Nothing else worked. My skin wasn't as bad as when I was a teen, but still a problem. I started using Aknicare 2 years ago in a last-ditch attempt to clear my acne and within a few weeks I could see a difference. My skin is now mostly clear as long as I keep using the products, and I can regulate the occasional spot. I just wanted to say thank you. My skin has always been a huge issue to me and affects my confidence, and your range of products makes all the difference in the world to me.

I have used SkinMed products for several years now and would never go back to the typical face wash ranges you can buy in the shops. Since the age of 18 I have suffered with a combination of acne and rosacea which has always flared and could never be controlled with advertised facial products. Within 3 weeks of using Aknicare Gentle Facial Wash and the associated products i saw an instant improvement, my skin is clear about 99% of the time now and my confidence has soared, all because of the SkinMed products. I have recently moved over to their rosacea range to help combat my redness now that my acne is under control and again I have had the same astounding results.  
These are some of the greatest products out there! Maybe even THE best ones. I had even been under the care of a dermatologist, SkinMed works 100 times better than the treatments they ever tried with me. 
Give it a go, what have you got to lose? You have a clear complexion and rocketing confidence to gain.
Regards, Cara Gunther 

I have been using the Aknicare System for a number of years now and nothing is as effective at keeping my oily skin and large pores in check.  My skin is the best it has ever been.
Kind regards, Louise

The Aknicare range of products is the most effective anti- acne system that I have come across....and believe me, I have tried many. I can particularly recommend the purifying gel cleanser for more mature skin and the lotion. Positive results can be seen quite quickly and the products are not too drying or irritating , a definite plus for the regime. Aknicare also do a gentler cleanser suitable for sensitive or adolescent skins. Although not cheap the products actually work, which is the main thing, and used sparingly last a long time. 

I would just like to share my thoughts on this product. I did alot of research to find a product suitable for my skin. I went through a stage of a spot outbreak on my face which has never happened before until i reach my 30's. This is the best product I have ever brought it kept the spot situation under control and took the redness away.
I would recommend this to anyone, well worth the money.


I started using AkniCare products in March 2013 after trying every other product that was on the market & had spent lots of money. Nothing seemed to be working. 
I use the Treatment Lotion directly on the acne areas, followed with the Aknicare cream. My skin has made major improvement. My face was, what they call 'Angry' & i had dark marks all over from squeezing them, It was very embarrassing for me as i'm a woman in my 30's & i thought that my acne outbreak days were over. To also help with the way my skin looks i  have cut out certain foods within my diet this definitely helps.
This summer i purchased the Aknicare Cleansing Gel, to wash my face & i must say, it makes my skin feel very clean.

Regards, Ms C Ayre

Akincare products are great! Suitable for my acne prone skin. The cleanser and cream are my favourite. Effective yet gentle enough for daily use. My skin are better maintained now, and not dried out unlike other acne treatments. 

Acnicare Cream and Lotion: I wish I had known about these years ago. I could have saved myself lot's of stress and money. Acnicare are acne-products that really work as long as they are used regularly for a period of at least 2 months. As always in skin regimes patience is required. I cannot live without these two anymore.

The Aknicare products are fantastic. I have suffered from troublesome skin for the past 25 years and my skin has been noticeably clearer since using these products. I use the lotion and the cream. These are both easy to apply and wearable under make-up. I can’t claim that everyone would benefit in the same way but, for me personally, these products have helped to clear my acne.
Kind regards, Karen

I have used this product many times and compared against more expensive treatments and nothing compares to the Aknicare products. I have always struggled with break outs but when using aknicare this is reduced massively and I am starting to see my skin repairing itself. Many thanks for helping me Skinmed.
Regards, Ryan Carter

I am writing to express my great satisfaction in skinmed products with particular reference to the Aknicare range. As someone who is over 50 years of age I still have outbreaks of acne and I find daily use of the cleanser ensures my pores remain blackhead free. Additionally the moisturiser, lotion and more recently the chest and back care products are effective in maintaining the balance of my skin. Having used so many acne care products on the market over a period of 40 years, I would highly recommend the aknicare range as very effective and excellent value for money.
Joan McGarry

This is the best cleanser I have ever found.  Previous cleansers have required a second "going over" to ensure that my face is completely free of makeup before retiring for my beauty sleep!
Mega Greasy Skin From Kent

I have been using skinmed products for about a year now and it has been the best products I have found that works for me. I have oily skin which causes acne breakouts. I used many products including proactiv and antibiotics prescribed by my GP but nothing seems to work as well as Aknicare. I would recommend anyone who are having acne breakouts to use Aknicare and get the amazing results.
Sara Majeed

My experience with Aknicare products has been absolutely fantastic. These oil free products are great for sensitive skin and really helped in improving my skin. My favourite products are the Aknicare Cleanser, followed by the Lotion and Cream. I additionally use the portable Skin Roller which is great for using whilst out and about. I would 100% recommend Aknicare to anyone with sensitive skin who wants a reliable and long term solution to acne. 
Kind regards, Victoria

I have been using the Skinmed products for about around 5 months and I am overjoyed with results. I began to suffer from breakouts when I hit the menopause.  I felt acutely embarrassed it was like being a teenager with wrinkles.  Not a good look! Searching the Internet I came across the Aknicare products and placed an order for the cleansing gel, skin roller and cream. I began to notice a remarkable difference within weeks of using these products. My skin became clearer and when a breakout did threaten recovered quickly. I continue with this routine and couldn't be happier. My teenage son is also a convert . Aknicare succeeded where antibiotics failed to give results.
Many thanks, Pam

Hi, I have found Aknicare to be the only product that actually works. My skin was so bad I was on antibiotics but even these did not help. After 6 weeks using Aknicare my skin was noticeably different and within 12 months my acne was under control. I have photos that show how bad my skin was and his much it has improved. I would recommend this product to everyone who believes they've tried everything and nothing works,

The Aknicare cream and the lotion has helped me a lot to cure my acne. It helps to reduce the redness, oiliness and prevents no breakouts. I needed to use the products for 4 or 6 weeks to see the effect. I have oily acne prone skin since the age of 20 and I am 29 years old now and still continuing to use it. It is a big improvement and I can see it work for me and it will work for those who have oily or acne skin.
Kind Regards, Sheena Rattan

Following a phone call I had from you last week I have written about experiences with aknicare: I've been using the products for around 2 months and some of the improvements that I've experienced include reduction in my skin's redness, less oily, less cysts and generally less acne. The products I've been using include the gentle cleansing gel, the treatment lotion, the cream (with GT peptide 10) and the skin roller. Overall I will continue my use of the products as I see steady improvement. 
Regards, Victoria Fleming

I am in my second month of using aknicare products and I have to say so far they have been fantastic. I am 30 years old and have suffered with mild/moderate spots for around 15 years, in that time i have tried roaccutane, antibiotics, laser and every cream and face wash going with mixed results. These products really work I saw great results at the end of week one. Anybody like me who has doubts after trying nearly everything I say try this you won't regret it. The products themselves are very good quality, nice to use and a reasonable price. Very happy customer.
David from Sheffield

I bought the Aknicare gentle cleansing gel and lotion several months ago, I've used the gel daily and I've noticed a huge difference to my skin. I've suffered with constant acne since my teen years and I'm now 40. I've used several antibiotics, creams and even roaccutane but since I began using your product my acne has all but vanished, the occasional spot I do get is certainly less noticeable than usual. My confidence has increased as a result and i have recommended your products to several friends and family and I hope they achieve the same results.
Kellam Chaytor, Cleveland

I've suffered from moderate but persistent acne since my early twenties - I'm now in my early fifties. I've tried countless remedies, from drinking Amazonian bark tea through acupuncture to blue-light 'spot' zappers. I've bankrupted myself on endless — and useless — lotions and potions. And I've been on and off antibiotics for years, which worked well initially but over time ceased to have any effect. When I saw the Aknicare ad in my mother's copy of Good Housekeeping last Christmas, I was at a particularly low ebb, having just come off yet another unsuccessful course of antibiotics. I read the testimonials and thought it was worth giving it a go - and I'm so glad that I did. My skin has been immeasurably better in the last nine months. I won't claim this is a miracle cure - I do still get the odd spot - but it feels to me pretty miraculous that, after 30-odd years of non-stop acne, and the depression and embarrassment that go with having bad skin, I'm now a largely spot-free zone. My only fear is that Aknicare will stop producing its products and I'll be consigned back into pimple hell!
Joanna Stephens, Devon

I have recently started using your products and have found them very effective. I am 34 years of age and have taken the oral contraceptive to stop acne for over 15 years. When I stopped taking it in order to fall pregnant, my acne returned. Your Aknicare skin roller is literally the only product I have ever tried that takes a pimple/acne cyst down quickly. I love the Aknicare face powders I am using them now instead of the expensive brand I was using and my skin looks so much better. Anyway, that's my feedback. I'm very pleased with these products and have referred them to others as acne is an annoying problem, especially at my age.
Leanne Cartwright, London

My lovely sister bought me your Aknicare Remover, Cleanser, Lotion & Cream and urged me to try it on recommendation from a lady she works with who said it was excellent. I was very sceptical to be honest, as I have tried literally hundreds of products over the years - and nothing has ever really helped me in any dramatic way. I have been using these products for almost 6 weeks and I am absolutely amazed at the effect it is having on my skin. To say I am happy with the results so far is a huge understatement. My skin actually looks clear, I noticed a difference from around the 3rd week of use. For the first time in 20 years, I do not have a spot on my face. It has also treated the blackheads I am plagued with and definitely cleared my pores; my skin looks so clean. I am delighted with how effective Aknicare is and only wish I had discovered you years ago, it would have saved a lot of heartache. I still have some scarring but even that is less pronounced, this has had such a positive effect on my life and I really do thank you.
Michelle Pitt, Uxbridge

Since using the SkinMed products [Aknicare]  i have noticed a massive difference in my skin, my face is less red and it is rare that i develop spots. After using the products my skin always feels clean and fresh for a long time in comparison to other previous treatments which i have used. Not only have i noticed a big improvement in my skin but my friends and family have commented on how much better it has began to look since using the products. It is surprising looking back at photos from around christmas before i started using the products because i can't remember it ever being that bad and i couldn't imagine it to be like that now. The treatments have definitely helped me to look better and feel more positively, it is reassuring knowing i can go to bed without waking up expecting to have spots the next morning. 
Nathanael Potts, Liverpool

I've had problems with spots for over 6 years, I have been on a mild antibiotics course for about 2 years as well as trying most spot creams that are available from Boots or Tesco and none of them have worked, some even dried my skin so badly that I was left with red, cracked and itchy skin. I didn't really think Aknicare was going to work as every other cream I tried didn't, but thankfully it has made a huge difference. It took about a month for my skin to get used to the cream and the routine, but I find that my skin is much clearer and when I get the occasional spot it’s not as red or inflamed. The customer service has also been fantastic, I was phoned to see how my treatment was going and I got some tips on how to improve my routine, I would definitely recommend trying Aknicare!
Dean WarwickCounty Down

I have been using Aknicare for over a year now and I have to say it has made such a big difference on my skin, the oiliness has gone down the breakouts have reduced it's just fantastic! I also find that the scars left with past spots has also reduced. I have also been using the retinol A cream (Synchrovit) along with the Aknicare and that accelerates the results, my blocked pores are no longer there and I have clearer skin. Thank you so much SkinMed!
Mrs H from Bedfordshire

I had to write to you to thank you for the fantastic Aknicare system. After many years of topical treatments, oral antibiotics and contraceptives, and even Roaccutane with its many side effects, I had almost given up hope that I would ever be spot free. My only other option seemed to be Laser Treatment which is well out of my price range. 
But then I read about Aknicare on the SkinMed web site, and I must admit that I was skeptical that a topical treatment would work where even Roaccutane had failed. But I ordered the pack containing Remover, Lotion and Cream for £39. I thought that this was a bit pricey at first, but after eight weeks of using it twice a day and on the whole of my face, I've still got a couple of weeks worth left. This works out at under £20 a month. I've spent more than that on products that don't work!
In the eight weeks I have been using the Aknicare system, I have seen a dramatic improvement. My spots are greatly reduced, my T-Zone no longer greasy and my skin so soft. My skin is so much clearer that I no longer feel the need to wear make-up every time I leave the house.
I have suffered with Acne for 21 years and it is such a good feeling to find a product that actually works when so many others have failed.
Thank you so much

Mrs C Kirk, London

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Aknicare range. Having suffered very greasy skin & acne for almost 30 years & having tried many temporary solutions, your products have really worked wonders. I have been using the range for approximately 6 weeks now & my skin just keeps getting better & better.
Thank you so much.

H Hagen, Scotland

Dear SkinMed
Thank you so much to you all, I have never been without acne since I was thirteen, always being teased at school.
I've used a number of different products over the years including hibbiscrub, which I believe is used in hospitals to wash your hands, that was from the Doctor.
Thanks to your Aknicare products I now only get the odd spot now and then.
Since I've been using Aknicare I started of with the Cleanser, Lotion and Cream. The Aknicare Cleanser leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed, not dry in places or greasy in my t-zone. The Aknicare Lotion is very good as you can target individual spots not all over your face. It also doesn't burn the skin around it like other spot lotions. The Aknicare Cream leaves my face soft without any greasy patches and now I feel confident enough not to pile so much foundation on. I also now use the Aknicare foundation which I think is excellent as there is no slippage on my makeup and it helps prevent spots rather than causing them.

Yours very gratefully, Mrs R Renton

I have been meaning to write for a long time to say how successful the Aknicare products have been for my son. 
Prior to discovering them, eighteen months ago, John had tried antibiotics and a huge variety of products, all to no avail. 
Whilst his skin is not entirely clear of acne, there has been a huge improvement in his appearance. As long as he used the products diligently, he can keep the worst of the acne problem at bay. I have noticed that there is a correlation between a flare up of the condition and times of stress i.e. exams. 
Therefore I am so pleased to have found something that works and am pleased to hear it might soon be available on prescription.

Yours faithfully, Mrs J Dunn

I am 16 years old and I have had spots since I was 13. It felt like they would never get better. Having spots is probably one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with. I feel really unfortunate and unattractive. It seems as though all of my friends have perfect skin compared to me. Putting make up on does not hide them; it can make them even worse. When I go out I find that other people my age can be really offensive and rude about my spots and can really hurt my feelings. When I get a bad flare up I tend to stay in and can’t stop looking in the mirror. I feel that I have been really missing out because of my skin. I have been to the doctors plenty of times and been offered lots of advice and had many different creams and antibiotics. I have been really down as nothing seemed to work. My mum brought me some Aknicare lotion and cream as we have tried everything else. I have been using it for 4 weeks now and my skin has really calmed down. I can't believe it. Even my friends have noticed a difference saying that my skin looks clearer and healthier. Before i started using the cream my spots were really bad. I had loads of big spots with yellow heads. Now I only have about 4-5 small spots with yellow heads. I feel that finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am so happy! I feel more confident in my appearance now. 
Lauren B, Cheshire

Dear Cheryl,
Just thought I'd write a few lines about your Aknicare range.
I'm 53 and have had spots coupled with greasy skin from the age of 12 and after about half an hour after washing, my face would resemble a chip pan!!
I was a bit skeptical at first as I've tried everything, but as soon as I used the Cleanser my face felt calm, smooth and by the end of the day my face was still non-greasy, I couldn't believe it!! This is the only product that dealt with the underlying problem of sebum on the skin.
I then tried the Lotion and Cream. They, with the Cleanser, have given my face a new lease of life and I only wish I'd discovered the products sooner.
Thank you for excellent products that actually do what they say on the tin!!!

Mrs B Bray, London

Dear Cheryl, thank you for processing the order which I have just placed with you.
This is the second pack which I have ordered and I have found the product to be extremely successful. Although my problem was not too bad and I never was bothered with acne in my youth the last few years have been a constant battle trying to clear spots that were appearing on the centre of my forehead, nose and on my right hand cheek. As one cleared another appeared. Even experimenting with the diet and cutting out certain foods did not help too much nor did antibiotics prescribed by the Doctor as their effect was only temporary. 
However within days of starting to use the Aknicare product set, the improvement was remarkable, and I am now more or less "spot free". Continuing to use the product seems to keep the skin clear. 
Thank you very much and I am spreading the word and hope your other clients are also enjoying the benefits of clear skin and renewed confidence. 

Yours faithfully, James Stewart

Dear SkinMed
I just wanted to let you know how happy you have made my daughter who is 17 years old. For the past few years she has suffered with acne and has tried almost every foundation on the high street to disguise her problem skin. We have spent a small fortune on many products with her using two or three at the same time to get the right colour for her skin. It has been a long ongoing battle until we came across your web site by chance and decided to try your Aknicare Fluid Powder Foundation compact in medium .I thought this was going to be another product that my daughter was going to be dissatisfied with and me wasting my money again, as it sounded too good to be true in helping to heal acne but to my surprise she tried it and said it provides really good coverage for her red, blotchy and spotty skin.
The Foundation gives her a lovely natural colour especially with it being summer. After continued use her acne has virtually gone with her only getting occasional spots and her confidence has bounced back. My daughter would not be without this product she thinks it is wonderful and has helped her in her dance shows to look good even when she is sweating. Why did we not discover this product before?!

From an extremely pleased Mrs Abraham and Daughter, Cambridgeshire

I have been using Aknicare for several months now. I have found that using it twice daily has really helped my skin as it feels much smoother and softer and my spots have been under control. After using the products for a couple of weeks I really noticed a difference around my t zone area where my spots occur the most. I still get the occasional spot… normally around "the time of the month". I still use Aknicare but I do not have to use it as frequently and yet the results still show. I am very pleased with the results and I will continue to use this product as I have found it works the best and have tried many other products.

Mrs J Webb, Durham

I am writing a long overdue letter on behalf of my fifteen year old son who has been using your three step Aknicare skin products. As with most people we started with well known brands with no success. It was an article in a Saturday supplement that drew my attention to Aknicare. After just two weeks my son noticed his spots healed faster and after a month painful boils were minimised. Doing well with his face he is now using Aknicare on his chest and back. My son's father and grandfather had acne as teenagers both growing out of it by their early twenties. My son hopes for the same but in the meantime Aknicare makes teenage life a bit more tolerable.
Many thanks to all at Pharmacy Partnership for your help and advice. 
Yours Sincerely

Catherine Goodwin, Leyland

I have used Aknicare Cleanser, Lotion and Cream and after using it for three weeks, the results were amazing. I am in my late twenties and have had problems because I have oily skin. These products combated the oiliness straight away and after the acne had cleared away, I used Thiospot pigment control roller where the acne had left dark marks. So many people have noticed how clear my skin is with no marks to show that here was any sign of acne.
I would recommend this product to my friends.

Noreen Parvaiz, Redditch

Dear Sir/Madam
I have been using Aknicare products for approximately 12 months to treat acne, the three products I use are Aknicare Lotion, Aknicare Cream soft feel and Aknicare Cleanser. I find these products help to calm my condition down. 
I am writing to say I am very pleased with your creams and lotions. 
Yours sincerely

B Dudman, Gwent

Hi to all at SkinMed 
I was concerned about paying for products I was unsure about, especially as the brand has not been TV advertised like other spot treatments and there is a plethora of treatments each promising spectacular results. 
We all have succumbed to the advertising (admit it, I have) and yes, then there is a new product to use and soon your bathroom is full of expensive face treatments that just do not keep your oily skin and breakouts under control. 
Well, I have tried most products and generally, the results are unspectacular. 
However, I tried the Aknicare treatments and there was a noticeable difference after two weeks and with all three treatments, my skin is now clearer, especially clearer for longer and smoother. But importantly when I use Aknicare my skin is not raw and dry but 'normal' looking, which is a great relief when you want to look your best and when first impressions really count. 
I am now on my second order and I plan not to purchase anything else but Aknicare for my oily skin needs. 
Yes, the cost of the items may be a concern when compared to the major brands you will see advertised on TV but sometimes you have to pay for results and by buying Aknicare, I am confident you will not need the other products so you will see the savings very soon after you have started using Aknicare. 
You will see a lot more of your bathroom as well (just don't blame me if you have to redecorate because you can see areas of your bathroom you have not seen for a few years…!)
I look forward to trying the new Fluid Powder Foundation Compact and Blemish Corrector to get an even better complexion. 

Robert Salter, Colnbrook, Berkshire

Dear Sir/Madam
I started with acne in my early teens and have suffered with the condition for the majority of my life.
Having taken antibiotics at various stages throughout, with only short term results, I began using Aknicare products and have been using a combination of the Cleanser, Lotion and Cream since reading about the products in a magazine advert.
Within a few weeks, the difference in the condition of my skin was very noticeable. Even now, after using the products for 12 months, I can honestly say that my skin has dramatically improved.
Whilst I may still get the occasional spot, the regular and combined use of the Aknicare products has made a huge difference and would highly recommend to anyone who has tried alternative methods available to give these products a trial.
Thank you for all your help and advice

Lesley A Fanshawe, Burnley

I bought the Aknicare range today and was already astonished by the impact it had on my skin on the first application. The oiliness on my face has never been so non-existent. This will undoubtedly be a regular buy for me. 

Thanks again. Mike

To Whom It May Concern
I have recently used your product for the treatment of acne and I am writing to you to express my delight! Only three days or so after starting to apply the products, my skin was visibly clearer. I have suffered from bad acne for years and I have been given tablets, topical solutions and creams which had never really seemed to work. Although I am getting older and, fingers crossed, I am growing out of it, I do still get times when my skin rebels and gets out of control, especially, during certain times of the month.
I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your products. I used all three in the group, the Cleanser, the Lotion and the Cream. My skin felt so clean and fresh, but not stripped and tight as it has with other treatments. Also, I have many scars, some of which are dented, but most are darker, reddy-purple pigments, which show most in either really cold weather, or really hot weather. .
After using your products, I have seen an improvement in the marks after the blemish has gone, and even some which were there before are looking a bit better. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and please send me any notifications you may have on promotions, or a copy of your catalogue. .
Best Regards

Deborah Elliot, Northumberland

Dear Sirs
I am writing a note to say how pleased I am with the Aknicare Lotion. Although I do not have a problem with acne, I find the Lotion is good for the oily T Zone which I have. I do not get any shiny breakthrough. I am pleased to have discovered Aknicare Lotion. Thanking you
Yours truly

J Gerrard (Mrs), Bolton

To whom it may concern
I felt that I would like to comment on your product "Aknicare". It has now been well over a month since I have purchased your goods. I must say I was a little sceptical about the product as all lotions, gels etc plus medication for my Acne has never cleared up. 
I must say I have persevered with this product and I can honestly say that I am converted. My acne has not cleared up but it definitely has improved my complexion. I will definitely carry on using these products as they are far better than all the drugs I have taken etc over the years. I am now 36 and still suffer with acne on my face, neck, back and chest, with the help of Aknicare it has started to calm down - Thank you.
Kind Regards

Paula Matthews

Dear Sirs
I received my order today and wish to thank you for your special attention in dealing with this order during the Christmas holidays.
I find that the Aknicare system is the best treatment that I have been able to find and I am very pleased indeed with the results. I always use all three products and find that leaving the Cleanser on the face for a few minutes before rinsing gives best results followed by the Lotion and Cream. Many thanks
Yours faithfully, 

P D Hicks, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

RE: - Aknicare 
I am writing with regards to the above skin care system that I have been using for the last two months and am delighted with the results. I never had ACNE until I reached my 30's and since then I must have taken every prescribed tablet that you can get, including Roaccutane and for a while they have all helped, however once my body got used to them the ACNE reappeared. Since using the Aknicare range my skin has only had two tiny little eruptions and they have cleared up in a maximum of days and given me perfect skin once again. Please feel free to use this letter.
Kind regards

Yvette Craig, Ashford, Kent

Dear Sir/Madam
Several months ago I ordered Aknicare products from you and was amazed at the results produced. The skin felt so much softer, felt cleaner and looked less oily. Ever since then I have been using Aknicare products as a twice daily routine to further enhance the appearance of my skin, and will continue to do so. I would recommend Aknicare product range to anybody with acne prone skin or to people who want to generally improve the overall quality and appearance of their skin.
Yours truly

Mr N Chauhan, Cheshire

Dear Sir/Madam 
A few months ago I read an article in She magazine recommending Aknicare for problem acne prone skin. I had been suffering for many years from this awful condition and tried numerous over the counter products and various prescription medicines. Nothing worked for me apart from long-term antibiotics which kept it under control but did not cure it. 
Since using Aknicare my eruptions have ceased and I have recently stopped taking antibiotics. I can't tell you what a relief this is at last. I now use far less makeup and feel less self-conscious although my skin will never be "perfect" due to scarring caused by such severe acne. 
If only I had discovered Aknicare before I'm sure I would not have suffered with bad acne for so many years. Thank you for helping me and I do hope many others are saved years of hell by discovering your "miracle" cure!
Yours sincerely

Liz Mason, Essex

I have always been a person who has been conscious of wanting to keep my skin in the best possible health, and when trouble flares up, I get quite upset. So when pregnant with my son, trouble started and I tried like most people do, anything and everything but to no satisfactory result. Then one week while reading a national newspaper I saw your advert for Aknicare. I rang and ordered and I have found that they are effective and have helped me to maintain skin that I can be happy and confident with. So this is just to say thank you so much for helping me, 
Yours sincerely 

Mrs M Gilbert, Devon

I am 48 years old and have had acne since my mid twenties. In just a week of purchasing the Aknicare set I have noticed a significant difference and I wanted to say how delighted I am with the products. Despite the hot and humid weather, when my skin is at its worst - my face is spot free and my pores are beginning to resemble those of a normal person. My chest and shoulders are also showing an improvement. I have a number of friends with skin problems and will be passing on your details. 
Many Thanks 

Moira Morgan, Wales

Dear All, 
I just had to let you know what a roaring success I am having with the Aknicare range. I am a 35 year old woman and have had moderate acne for about 5 years, (after stopping the contraceptive pill). Over that time I have taken various antibiotics, remedies and regimes, and even resorted to homeopathy, which made me feel even worse! But after spotting an advertisement in a Sunday newspaper for Aknicare I decided I had nothing to lose, and gave it a go. After using the whole range for about 4/5 weeks I am so happy to say I have zero spots! Even the small pigmentation marks are disappearing now. I feel normal for the first time in years, and obviously this is having a great effect on my outlook and moods. 
I really can't thank you enough for developing such a great product, and hope my good fortune will continue. 
Best wishes to you all,
Tina Murphy, West Midlands

Dear Sir, I am writing to say what excellent products Aknicare are. I saw an advertisement in a health food shop magazine and having suffered almost a lifetime from Acne decided to try the three product set. I cannot praise the efficacy of these products enough. After initially using the three products twice a day, I am now using the Face Wash and Cream regularly for maintenance purposes, using the Lotion for a ' spot attack' if and when it should arise. My acne skin is much improved. 
Yours sincerely 

Mrs C J Jones, Hampshire

Dear Sir/Madam
I felt I must write in to express my satisfaction with your products from the Aknicare range. I have always suffered with acne and tried practically every product available as well as products prescribed from my doctor but your range is fantastic! 
My mum saw your products advertised in her magazine and told me about them, my first reaction was "another over priced product that won't work" I received a free sample and I was so pleased with the product I phoned through my first order. Your advisors were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and really wanted to help me get the right product. I use the Cleanser, Lotion and Cream all from the "Aknicare range and they really have made a difference to my skin. Before using the products my skin was very greasy and spot prone, now it feels smooth, spot free and the cream is great instead of using a moisturiser. My makeup actually stays on longer too! Although the bottles appear small the products last about 8-12 weeks, so the cost I feel is reasonable as I am no longer buying a separate moisturiser and face wash. Before I started using the product I was very self conscious and often felt down due to spots or acne around my chin. This may sound very "cheesy" but the product has cleared my face up completely, and made me a lot more confident. I have just ordered some more products and was absolutely thrilled at the 75% off the second item too. 
Many thanks for an excellent product range. 

Sian Jones, Cardiff

Dear Sir or Madam
I am writing to express my delight at finding products that can control my acne.
I have suffered with acne since my late teens. At the age of 40 I can honestly say I have tried nearly every treatment available (with the exception of Roaccutane which has significant side effects). I ordered Aknicare products about 12 months ago and was delighted when, after using the cleanser, lotion and cream, my breakouts became less frequent. After 3-4 months my skin had started to heal and looked 'normal'. 
Now that the acne us under control, I have started to use Terproline which is helping with the scars left by my acne. Again I am delighted that after only a couple of months my skin is improving.
I can honestly say that I will never use another cleanser or moisturiser again. In fact, I panic when I run out! Thank you for bringing these remarkable products onto the market. 
Yours sincerely

Susan Richardson, Sunderland

Dear Sirs
I have been using your Aknicare products for around a year and a half now and I would just like to state how impressed I am with the results. Throughout my teenage years, I have always suffered with very bad acne and, despite using a wide variety of over the counter and prescribed products, nothing really improved my spots. 
We had seen an advert in the newspaper for Aknicare and, as nothing else was working, my Mum suggested that I tried it, as she had already heard that it was meant to give very good results. After using the three Aknicare products for a few weeks, my spots really started to improve. I carried on using the products and after a few months, I had very few spots left. I now have virtually no spots and my skin has not looked as clear as it does now, for years. I would recommend that anyone with acne should use the products as they have given me such excellent results. 
Yours faithfully

Sarah Newman, Cheltenham

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your wonderful Aknicare products. I am a converted user, after a traumatic experience in my life my skin flared up with acne and as someone in their 30’s it left me with low self esteem and lack of confidence as I thought the teenage years had returned to haunt me.  I came across your website and I read the rave reviews on the products and thought I would give it a go.  I can honestly say I haven’t looked back since, I’ve been using the cleanser, lotion and cream for approximately 4 weeks and I have been amazed by the results.  After the first 5 days my skin looked totally different and I started to feel like the old me not somebody who wanted to hide away because of the way their face looked. 
Thank you so much from a very satisfied user. 

Adele Burland, London 

I am 32yrs old and never had acne until I fell pregnant, which really got me down. After trying what felt like everything that could be bought out of the shops I then discovered (after visiting a highly recommended salon) that Aknicare was a fantastic product. The reason I love it so much is that the face wash makes me feel clean and doesn't dry out my skin and the cream which I am still using long after my acne has settled down is oil free and maintains the results achieved. I would highly recommend these products, like anything you must be patient for the results but they are a long term solution and a pleasure to use. 

Mrs Ashbolt, Hereford

I have been using Aknicare Lotion for about a month now and I have to say that my oily skin has literally disappeared in front of my eyes! This product is amazing and I have recommended it to my friends with oily skin and acne, as it really works. Thank you!
Giselle, London